THE quarterly Repair Cafes in Ludlow are set to make a comeback with some of the lessons of the past year continuing at least in the interim.

The café repairs and restores broken items.

Details are still being sorted out to make sure that they can be run in line with the rules for being Covid-19 safe.

The last full Repair Cafe was in January last year.

It is hoped that the next one will be at the Mascall Centre at the end of July between 10am and 12noon.

“I will be working out the logistics of how we do that within whatever government restrictions and H&S rules apply,” said the organiser Dianne Lyle.

During the pandemic a remote cafe has been in operation and because this has been successful it will be continued for the time being at least.

“The remote repair service will carry on though as not everyone will feel safe or comfortable to venture out,” added Ms Lyle.

“One of the unintended consequences of the pandemic is that we will in fact be able to offer a better wider service!”