A LUDLOW GP surgery is telling patients that the benefits of having a vaccine against Covid hugely outweigh the risks of not doing so.

Station Drive Surgery has responded in a posting on social media following concerns raised about a possible link between the Astra Zeneca jab and blood clots in a very small number of younger patients reported around the world.

‘The benefits of vaccination against Covid-19 still far outweigh the risks for the vast majority of patients and this is particularly apparent the older we get. But in younger age groups, those under 30, where the risks from complications from Covid are far less frequent, the risk of a very rare clotting complication appears to be more finely balanced.

‘We are continuing to vaccinate. All second doses of the AZ vaccine will continue as planned in cohorts 1-9, those aged over 50 and those who are younger but with a condition that puts them at greater risk from the complications of Covid.

‘For patients aged over 30 who are healthy and have no additional risk factors, such as health and social care workers, household contacts for those who are immunosuppressed, the AZ vaccines will also continue.

‘However, if you are aged 29 or younger or you have additional risk factors, if you have previously suffered an unusual clot with a low platelet count from the AZ vaccine or you have a history of some other types of rare clotting disorders, we will offer you an alternative vaccine to AZ, for example Pfizer.

‘If you are under 30 and due to have your first vaccination now, you will need to have a conversation with a clinician at whatever site you are attending about your vaccine.’