LATEST data shows the shameful extent of sewage spilled into rivers in 2020, according to Ludlow MP, Philip Dunne.

He is leading a bid to clean up rivers and stop raw sewage being pumped in causing pollution and death for fish and wildlife.

The Environment Agency has for the first time released new data showing how often sewage spilled into rivers and waterways across England during 2020. These figures include the monitoring equipment installed now in over 12,000 water treatment sites, around 80 per cent of the total in England.

The data shows storm overflows discharged sewage and storm water more than 400,000 times, and for more than 3 million hours during a full year in England.

Mr Dunne introduced a Private Member’s Bill to highlight the impact of sewage pollution, and has been working with the government to combat the issue.

The government has committed to publish progress against a plan to improve water quality.

“This announcement from the Environment Agency has for the first time pulled together data from over 12,000 water treatment sites,” Mr Dunne said.

“This shows the importance of transparency in revealing the shameful challenge of sewage spillage events into our rivers, with some 400,000 spills during 2020.”