THE sound of music will be back in Ludlow after agreement for the band to start giving regular concerts again.

But as well as musicians, the town band will also need to provide any marshalling to ensure any Covid rules are followed.

“Although we have only managed a month to rehearse between the lockdowns we have been busy and our new Secretary has worked to get us Charity Status and we are now a Charitable Trust.,” said Colin Reeves, chairman of the band, in a letter to the council.

“Our work and commitments hasn’t changed but we have added emphasis for educating the public with our music. This has always been a keen aspect in what we do, as we have tried to bring not only popular music but music rich in history and tradition.

“Hopefully the band will be back to rehearsals soon, when restrictions are eased and we will be able to get back to what we love doing which is making music.

“As a band we are keen to play in the town again, and support the local community and help visitors enjoy our wonderful town.

“Would it be possible to earmark a couple of Sunday lunchtime or Sunday afternoons to perhaps play in the Square? This would be in addition to us playing for the Mayors Parade and Remembrance Sunday, at the Council’s discretion.

“Of course it would depend on social distancing rules but we would abide by any guidelines."

The dates that have been suggested for concerts are Sunday, June 27, Sunday, July 18 and Sunday, August 22. All after the planned lifting of all restrictions.

Ludlow Town Council agreed to the return of the band provide they organise and marshalling or other measures needed to abide by coronavirus rules

In another move to give the town centre a summer boost it has been agreed that there will be a ‘Makers’ Markets’ on every Tuesday in August.

These will take place on days when there is not normally a market and provided an added attraction.