PEOPLE in Ludlow are being urged to have their say on how women can be made safer on the streets.

The tragic death of Sarah Everard has sparked national revulsion about the danger women face on our streets.

Ludlow MP Philip Dunne says that the death of Sarah Everard has been deeply shocking.

“It is clear from testimony revealed in response to this tragedy, that almost all women will have had some experience in which they have felt unsafe due to anxiety about behaviour of some men, or felt profound fear in circumstances that many men will take for granted, as routine as walking home after dark,” said Mr Dunne.

“While it is unwise to comment on the details of Sarah’s case pre-trial, the circumstances of her death, seemingly at the hands of someone in a position of trust, are deeply concerning, in that they could have happened to anyone. This helps explain why her case has resonated with so many women.

“How do we as a nation respond? The government has decided to reopen a call for evidence to collect views from those with experience of, or concerned about, crimes of violence against women and girls. The consultation previously ran for 10 weeks from December to February, and will now remain open until March 26. I urge women in south Shropshire to take part.

“The government has announced some immediate steps, including doubling the Safer Streets fund to £45m, which funds local measures such as better street lighting and CCTV. Pilots will see plain clothes police officers deploy around bars and clubs across the country.

“There are other measures in progress, including introduction of the Domestic Abuse Bill, currently finishing its passage through the House of Lords, which should become law very soon.”

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