LUDLOW will have its own ‘super Thursday’ in May.

Local elections will take place on May 6, that is just under six weeks from now. All Shropshire Council unitary seats will be up for grabs as well as all the seats in town and parish councils. There will also be an election for the Police and Crime Commissioner.

With a significant number of councillors standing down there will be a new look at Shirehall in Shrewsbury.

The three Liberal Democrat councillors representing Ludlow wards, Andy Boddington, Vivienne Parry and Tracey Huffer will all be hoping for re-election as will Richard Huffer in Clee.

One of those councillors, Andy Boddington, Ludlow North, thinks this year should mark a major change in how people vote.

“With so many elections taking place across the country, Thursday, May 6 is already being described in American parlance as a ‘Super Thursday,’” said Mr Boddington.

“It is vital that it does not become a super spreader Thursday. Covid infection rates are now low but we saw last year that infection rates can shoot up quickly.

“Vaccination for the under 50s is being delayed due to a shortage of vaccine supplies and most people haven’t had their second jab.

“Even after the second jab, it will be two weeks or so before patients achieve maximum protection. And even then, a small number of people could fall victim to Covid-19 or spread it.”

Mr Boddington says that this should be the year in which postal voting becomes the norm rather than the exception.

“I don’t want to sound gloomy or create any scare,” he said.

“But I think this should be the year in which postal voting becomes the normal way of voting.”

He is suggesting that people apply for a postal vote. Those intending to cast their ballot in the normal way are being asked to take their own pen or pencil so that they do not risk passing the virus by having many people touch the marker.

Calls to have the poll postponed until the autumn have been rejected by the Government who say it can be successfully conducted in a safe way.