A DECISION is expected to be made soon if one of the major family fun events in the year will go ahead in 2021 in south Shropshire.

The Richard’s Castle soap box derby attracts competitors and visitors from all over the country.

It is a chance to watch dare devils race what amounts largely to a box on a set of pram wheels downhill.

The event is a huge fund raiser for good causes and in a posting the organisers say a decision about the 2021 event is imminent.

It has been scheduled for Sunday, June 27, just six days after the Government plan to have lifted all Covid restrictions.

But the issue will be if there is sufficient time for the organisers to put the event in place and for competitors to get the carts ‘road ready.’

Whilst for many taking part it is all just a bit of fun including fancy dress, for some competitors it is mini formula one which great time effort and no little engineering talent, never mind courage, going into the design of a potentially winning soap box.