THERE is a call for heavy lorries to be banned from using a narrow road after one became stuck.

Squirrel Lane is a narrow country road that runs south from the A4117 Ludlow to Kidderminster road to Sheet Village.

It runs parallel to the A49 Ludlow bypass and is often used for formal and informal diversions when there are problems or roadworks on the bypass.

Councillors and residents are now saying enough is enough. The fabric of the road and its once wildflower verges are being destroyed by excessive traffic.

The road has been blocked by HGVs and the historic Ledwyche Bridge damaged. Signs saying that the road is unsuitable for HGVs need to be put in place urgently, say locals.

It happened again this week. An HGV travelling from Kidderminster to a business on the Foldgate Lane retail park followed instructions from the satnav in the cab.

The vehicle turned left from the A4117 before Henley Hall and braked to halt just before Ledwyche Bridge, a Grade II listed bridge.

The driver realised that the bridge was far too narrow and came to a halt.

“We have had this time and time again. HGVs and other vehicles misdirected by satnav are sent along a minor road which is narrowed to a single lane at some points,” said Richard Huffer, Shropshire councillor for Clee.

“The lane has become battered and bashed. It has only been four years since Ledwyche Bridge was damaged.

“We have also had problems during roadworks when the official diversion between Rocks Green and Sheet has used Squirrel Lane.

“This narrow country lane is not the least bit suitable for diverted or lost vehicles.”

Vivienne Parry, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow south, said it had been a problem for years.

She understood that cement mixers have also used the narrow lane to get to construction sites in he area.