TENBURY Town Council’s tale of woe with its buildings goes on but there is some good news and light at the end of the tunnel.

Work on the Pavillion has gone well and it now has a new roof.

There is also a success story at the Regal Cinema that was badly damaged in the floods of last February.

It was so bad that all the auditorium had to be kitted out with new seating.

There was also the opportunity to make other improvements to make it better for audiences and work has made the cellar and the building as a whole less vulnerable to flooding.

The Regal was handed back in the autumn but the Covid lock downs mark two and three resulted in plans to start up again being put back.

But it has enabled work to be done over a period when the venue could not have opened anyway. The Regal was also beneficiary of a major Arts Council grant.

Also badly damaged by the floods were the Pump Rooms that were home to Tenbury Town Council and also a venue for events ranging from weddings to exhibitions and public meetings.

The building was found to be in a worse condition than had been anticipated with the floor in a poor state and declared to be dangerous.

This has resulted in much more work than had been envisaged taking longer than expected.

But the good news is that it will soon be back in business when final touches have been completed and restrictions lifted.

The news is less good for the town’s other problem building, the community centre behind the Regal Cinema.

This has had a long term problem with water coming from the roof.

The town council was briefed on the current situation and advised to get guttering fixed and a ‘French drain’ installed to see if that solves the problem

A French drain is a trench filled with aggregate that diverts water away from a building to protect the foundations from being eroded away.