PHARMACIES in Ludlow and south Shropshire are being encouraged to join a scheme to help people who are facing abuse to call for help.

Shropshire’s Safeguarding Community Partnership is encouraging pharmacists across the county to take part in the Government’s “Ask for Ani” scheme.

Ask for ANI (Action Needed Immediately) is a codeword scheme developed by the Home Office to provide a discreet way for victims of domestic abuse to signal that they need emergency help from the safety of their local pharmacy.

The code word ‘ANI’ can be given in independent pharmacies and Boots stores across Shropshire.

When a victim uses the codeword or asks for help, a trained pharmacy worker will ask the victim to accompany them to the consultation room. They will then check whether the victim is in danger and wants the police to be called. If so, the staff member will offer the use of a phone to dial 999 or make the call on the victim’s behalf.