THIS is the image that put Tenbury in the national headlines for all the wrong reasons a year ago when a taste of Venice arrived.

For the media it was a two day wonder but for people in the town it has caused misery.

It followed flooding that also hit lower lying parts of Ludlow as well as homes near to rivers and streams throughout south Shropshire.

The flooding came after heavy rain in the area and following downpours over the Welsh hills.

In Tenbury people had to be rescued from their homes by emergency services and in both towns, centres were opened for people to go for some respite before returning to assess the damage.

Many businesses in Tenbury were closed and homes were also damaged as were some in Ludlow.

It was the most serious flooding since 2007 when a bridge was washed away in Ludlow and a house had to be demolished.

Amongst the buildings badly damaged in Tenbury last February was the Regal Cinema where all the seating had to be replaced and the Pump Rooms that is still out of use and is unlikely to reopen for some months after a serious weakness was found in the floor of the building making it unsafe.