LUDLOW missed out on a pot of money from the Government to help alleviate flooding.

Whilst Tenbury and parts of the River Severn catchment were included in the allocation there was nothing for Ludlow although 50 properties were flooded last February and in 2007 a house was so badly damaged that it had to be demolished and a bridge and gas main were washed away.

Following the floods which devastated homes in the town near the river in February last year, residents got together to relaunch the Ludlow Flood Forum with the aim of preventing future flooding in the historic town.

It was a revival of a body that has been dormant.

“Ludlow’s original Flood Forum was once a vibrant and active group. Now is the time to revive and relaunch this group and for it to be formally re-affiliated with the National Flood Forum,” explained Sarah Dixon at the time, whose home in Corve Street was badly flooded last year.

“Working together as Ludlow Flood Forum will give us the status of an active, official working group, gaining the status and recognition that we need to work alongside Government agencies, local Councils, the Highways Authority and the water company, Severn Trent.”

“Ludlow has already been identified as being in need of a water management study through the ‘Accelerated Study Project scheme.”