CARERS in Ludlow, including those who are unpaid may be eligible for an early vaccine.

People who look after others may be able to get a vaccine as part of the Priority six cohort.

If someone is an informal, unpaid carer they may be eligible for Priority 6 in the Covid Vaccination Program.

When a family member or friend becomes ill, older or disabled, and needs support, some people may provide help and support to them, unpaid.

This might be providing help with shopping, cleaning, cooking, doing the laundry, assisting with medication, helping with appointments.

It can also be help moving around, as well as emotional support, arranging and checking on care, attending meetings, financial support and washing and bathing or helping to communicate.

If someone provides significant support to another person, irrespective of whether they live with that person or not, they are considered a carer even if the person they care for is unable, or even unwilling to acknowledge that support.

People who think that they may be eligible are being asked to complete a form on the website of the Portcullis Surgery in Ludlow who will then make a decision.

The Government has set out a number of priority groups based upon age and vulnerability as well as other factors like caring duties and health work.