GRACE Gumbley just might be one of the youngest people in the country to get a coronavirus vaccination.

But the 19-year-old from near Tenbury does not have any medical condition that makes her especially vulnerable.

Volunteering at a Tenbury day care centre has been her ticket to the front of the queue when it comes to getting the jab.

She is taking a gap year after leaving college in Worcester and decided that it would be good to do some voluntary work.

So every Tuesday and Thursday Grace goes into the Kyrebrook day care centre to work with the clients.

After leaving Tenbury High School she went to College to do ‘A’ levels and got signed up for a university course.

“With Covid and all that is going on I decided to take a year out,” said Ms Gumbley.

In that year she changed her mind and is now, all being well, set to go to Plymouth in September to study occupational therapy.

When her birthday came in January she decided that instead of having presents, she would ask people to make a donation that could be spent at Kyrebrook.

As a result she has raised £650 and the plan is that the money will be spent to provide some outdoor equipment so that when the weather is good clients and staff can sit outside.

There are four paid and four volunteer staff at Kyrebrook.

It provides day care for people, many of whom suffer from dementia. This also provides some respite for carers and family at home.

Volunteering is something that Ms Gumbley thinks other young people should consider.

“I know that it has been good for me and have no doubt it helped with my interview at Plymouth,” she said.

Under normal circumstances she would have been at the bottom of the list for vaccination as the jabs are being given on a priority basis and as a healthy 19-year-old woman Ms Gumbley would have been low priority.