THE Mascall Centre in Ludlow is the latest location for inoculation’s as the Covid-19 vaccination roll out in Ludlow accelerates and more clinics are opened to deliver the jab

This will be a special outreach clinic for people who have in the past suffered from severe anaphylactic reactions, those who are shielding, especially frail or at clinical risk, patients with severe learning disabilities and those with mental illness such as agoraphobia that would make a journey to Church Stretton difficult.

Also included are people who are usually housebound but can get to the centre and those who have particular difficulty in getting to Church Stretton or to Ludlow racecourse.

People will have been contacted by the surgery either with a telephone call or by text and it is strictly by appointment only.

The Mascall Centre is normally a training centre and community hub but its activities have been curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

It uses a vehicle registration system that will not be operating whilst the venue is being used as a vaccination clinic