PEOPLE living in Ludlow and Tenbury and in other riverside properties in the area have been given guidance about what they can and cannot doing if they are threatened with being flooded.

Understandably many will be worried about violating the current coronavirus lockdown regulations by moving into other people’s houses if their homes are flooded or at risk of flooding.

For communities that cannot be evacuated and where the risk of harm to lives and livelihoods is imminent, some of the restrictions under the coronavirus lockdown may not apply.

Therefore, those facing imminent flooding in their homes can move into other suitable accommodation inhabited by those they have no pre-existing bubbling arrangements with if there are no safer alternatives available to them at the time

They are advised to adhere to social distancing and infection prevention measures (eg regular/frequent hand washing, cleaning of touched surfaces, hygiene and wearing face coverings) as much as possible.

For those in the extremely clinically vulnerable group, moving into other people’s homes or having others moving into their homes should be an option of last resort says Shropshire Council.

In these cases, particular care should be taken to adhere to social distancing and infection prevention measures.

It has not been determined how social distancing would be achieved if flood refuges were needed like the one that was set up at Tenbury High School last year and at the Mascal Centre in Ludlow to provide food and shelter for people who had been flooded out of their homes.

For those who have tested positive and are in their isolation period, please ring 0345 678 9006 and you will be given appropriate support.

If you cannot stay with a friend or a family member for any reason, ring the Floodline on 0345 678 9006 for help.