A LAST minute change of heart appears to mean that Ludlow's DPD driver Paul Pugh will be staying on this round in the town.

The decision appears to have been made on what would have been Mr Pugh's final day in Ludlow before moving to a new route.

It marks the end of a campaign by people in the town to keep the popular driver who was to have been moved to Birmingham.

The 'Advertiser' has seen an email from DPD head of communications Andy Webb sent to Liz Hyder, one of the campaigners, revealing that Mr Pugh will not be moved after all.

'It's wonderful to see that one of our drivers, Paul Pugh, is regarded so highly by all his customers.

'We have had many discussions with the depot operations team regarding Paul's route moving and the reasons behind it.

'We understand how much you value Paul as your regular DPD driver, which is why I’m delighted to tell you that Paul will be staying on his existing route in Ludlow.

'I’m sure you'll be very pleased about this news and hope you look forward to Paul making a delivery to you soon!'

The campaigners had said that Mr Pugh was liked and well known in the area and knew his way around Ludlow with its narrow streets and back alleys. He also had got to know his customers and their needs.

"Fantastic news," said Ms Hyder.!

"I think it’s fair to say that we’re all over the moon though.'

Previously DPD had said that the move had been as part of changes to cope with increased demand for deliveries and that the reallocation of routes was necessary for operational reasons.

It is understood that Mr Pugh had wanted to continue working in Ludlow.

Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North, said that the decision made sense.

"He knows Ludlow like the back of his hand," said Mr Boddington, who added that it was good for DPD to have responded to its customers.