THERE will be a meeting of the Ludlow Town Council staffing committee this afternoon.

The meeting is at 3pm and people can observe via a zoom link.

However, it is unlikely to provide much information because the crux of the meeting will take place in secret.

The meeting will discuss staffing and the roles of people working for the Council.

But this part of the meeting is set to take place after a vote to exclude the press and public.

Staffing is one issue that the Council will need to consider when its sets its budget for 2021/22.

Ludlow Town Council has seen a big drop in income because of the impact of the coronavirus, especially on the market that is a major source of revenue.

There have been long closures and when open the number of stalls has had to be reduced.

In preparing its budget the Council will consider options, possibly in combination, including cutting costs that may involve staff, drawing on reserves and a Council Tax rise.