NEW plans for flats and apartments have been submitted for a prominent site in Ludlow Town Centre.

The new plans have been submitted by Morris Property for the former Budgens site. They are the same in principle as the previous plans, with two retail units on the ground floor and 19 apartments above with communal and private terraces.

However, there have been several changes in design.

The building will be a modern design throughout using traditional materials over a steel frame with high levels of thermal efficiency.

“This design is a considerable improvement on the unused Budgens store,” said Andy Boddington, the Shropshire councillor for the area,

“It will also boost trade in the Galdeford area.”

The proposal is for 19 apartments with 12 parking spaces.

Three apartments will be low cost ownership, two one bed and one two bedroom flat.

Low cost ownership is a designated form of affordable housing that must be discounted by at least 20 per cent of the market price.

Sixteen apartments will be sold at market price. These will be one single bedroom and 15 two bedroom homes.

Residents will have access to a communal terrace on the One Stop side of the building and some apartments will have private terraces.

The scheme is similar in density and area to the previous proposal.

But the earlier faux historic frontage has been replaced by a contemporary design.

“I haven’t taken a view on the design yet but generally a modern design is preferable adjacent to a conservation area,” Mr Boddington said.

“The Galdeford frontage in the previous design continued a theme already approved for 9 Tower Street, the One Stop site.

“That design may need to be rethought if this scheme is approved.”

There have been frequent calls for more smaller homes in and around Ludlow t to rent or buy.