THE roll out of Covid-19 vaccinations for people living in Tenbury has started.

It is being done on a priority basis with the most vulnerable people first in the queue.

So first in line have been the oldest members of the community, some of whom have had the first of two vaccinations.

Tony and Janet Penn, who are both in their 80’s, say that they expect to have their jab early in the New Year.

“That is starting with the 100year olds and then working down,” said Mr Penn who represents Tenbury on Malvern Hills District Council.

“Those who have had their first jab will soon be coming back for the second one which slows things down a bit too. We are due to start ours in mid-January.”

But Mr Penn has concerns that the whole vaccination programme could be undermined by people who decide that they are not going to have the vaccination.

“Even with the knowledge that vaccines are becoming available the problem of delivering them effectively is another worrying factor,” he said.

“Of even more concern is the news that many people do not want the vaccines for a variety of reasons.

“However, this could lead to more serious Covid outbreaks well into the New Year.

“What a very sad situation when the answer will be available to everyone.

“Janet and I are now waiting for a call from the surgery to ask us to take advantage of the vaccination.

“After all the supreme effort that has been made to produce it and distribute it, not to say the cost, we are both lucky and grateful to take the opportunity and keep this horrible disease at bay and save our community.”

Currently a vaccine produced by Pfizer and BioNTech is being used but it is expected that one being manufactured by Astrazeneca known as the Oxford vaccine will be available soon.

Experts say this will be easier to store as it can be kept in a fridge rather than being deep frozen.