STAFF at the Post Office in Ludlow have been taking abuse from a small minority of customers.

This is because Covid safe regulations make it necessary for them to limit the number of people that can some into the shop and use the services at any one time.

A system is in place that involves a member of staff outside of the One-Stop shop in Ludlow allowing people in as space allows.

The One-Stop Shop in the town centre is Ludlow’s only Post Office and is heavily used at times and this can involve a wait.

Vivienne Parry, a town councillor and also a Shropshire councillor for Ludlow, has urged people to be patient and understand the problems facing staff involved in the running of shop businesses in the town.

“I was very unhappy to be told that a minority of customers have been abusive and unpleasant to people working in the Post Office,” said Mrs Parry.

“One of the people from the Post Office has to stand outside and make sure that too many people do not go in at the same time.

“I understand that it is winter and that people get cold and frustrated but this is not the because of the staff who work there.

“The rules are there for the safety of staff and customers and they have to be enforced so people will just have to be patient.”

Part of the frustration is probably that those queuing for the Post Office see others going into the shop to do their ordinary shopping.

One suggestion is that people try to use the Post Office at those times of the day when it is likely to be less busy.

Ludlow has many small shops and because of this at busy times it is necessary for people to have to queue outside because of the limited space.

“These are difficult times and this can make things frustrating and annoying,” added Mrs Parry.

“But it is unacceptable to be unpleasant or abusive to people trying to do the best that they can in difficult circumstances.”