CONTROVERSIAL plans to build on a community meadow in Ludlow have been thrown out.

Shropshire Homes had hoped to build six houses on land adjacent to Castle View Terrace.

This led to a local campaign group being set up and a storm of protest against the scheme.

Residents had also made a bid to purchase the land to secure its future.

They say that the meadow is used regularly and were concerned at its potential loss.

But the planning application has been refused by Shropshire Council.

In deciding to refuse the application the planners say that this site whilst being within the development boundary of Ludlow is not allocated for future development in the plan and with housing supply figures already being exceeded.

They say that there are other sites available and so the project could not be justified.

Planners also say that the scheme would remove an important local amenity.

‘This proposal will significantly reduce the existing open space available to existing residents whilst increasing the pressure on the remaining area by increasing the number of residents using the space,’ say the planners in the notice of refusal.

‘The site performs an important function as one of the few areas of informal open space in the centre of Ludlow and its loss would be detrimental to the amenities of the existing community.’