A LUDLOW councillor and health worker wants people living in the town to be able to get a Covid-19 test closer to home.

At present unless people want a postal test they have to travel to Shrewsbury.

Some people find testing themselves difficult.

“The rate of infections in Ludlow is now very low,” said Tracey Huffer, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow East, who works at Station Drive surgery.

“It is around three cases a week. But we saw this autumn that the infection rate in our town can shoot up to alarming levels very quickly. It is not right that people in Ludlow must drive 30 miles for a test, rather than the 10 miles to the Craven Arms testing centre which is now closed.

“It costs around £60 by taxi for a return trip from Ludlow to Shrewsbury. People needing a test should not have to use a train or the bus. I am concerned that people will not get tested when they need it because it is a journey too far.

“Covid-19 is a disease that spreads by social contact. The government is allowing a relaxing of household mixing over Christmas. I am worried we will see another surge in Covid cases in the New Year.

“It doesn’t make sense to send people who are potentially infected to another part of the county. The Craven Arms site worked well for south Shropshire. People could phone up and get a test a couple of hours later.

“Tests are available by post but that can take days. That’s too long when we are battling a disease that spreads more rapidly than many people realise. We need the Craven Arms testing site reopened or on standby to reopen at 24 hours’ notice.”

People living in Ludlow who have any symptoms should get a test appointment or a home test through dialling 119 or at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.