A DECISION not to ban parking on kerbs is a blow to disabled and some older people in Ludlow.

This is the view of Vivienne Parry, who leads the town’s disability access group.

“Cars and vans left on kerbs and blocking paths are more than just a nuisance to many people, especially in a town like Ludlow where there is a higher proportion of elderly residents,” said Mrs Parry, who is both a Ludlow Town Councillor and the member of Shropshire Council for Ludlow south.

“People who are blind or have poor sight need to have the paths clear of obstructions.

“Vehicles left on kerbs and paths are also a major problem for people in wheel chairs or who used mobility scooters.

“Having people who are blind or in wheelchairs or using mobility scooters forced to divert into the road is not sensible.”

Mrs Parry added that she understand why people park on kerbs but feels that they do not understand the impact of it.

“Often people do it because they want to nip out and buy something from a shop,” Mrs Parry added.

“They will say I am only going to be a few minutes but that is no good for someone who wants to use the path.

“In some cases the drivers can be very abusive if people ask them to move.”

She wants Shropshire Council to reconsider in town centres.

“It is different in places where I know some people have to park this way because they do not have a drive or garages but it should be banned in town,” Mrs Parry said.

Ludlow Town Council has supported a ban but Shropshire Council has decided on a softer option of fines and additional powers for traffic wardens.

“Shropshire Council, ever the promoter of the Car as King, only wants extra enforcement powers for its traffic wardens,” said Andy Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North that includes the town centre.

“More fines and presumably more wardens.”