BODENHAM’S in Ludlow in conjunction with other local businesses, has launched a new promotional video that captures the spirit of the market town – just in time for the holiday season – and to help shoppers stay local during the pandemic.

The ‘Together we shine’ video follows a family of four as they head around town shopping at various stores in the town. A Fairy follows spreading light and cheer at every visited location. It features music specially created by local musicians @TheConspiritualist. The video highlights retailers and services in Ludlow and a gift voucher scheme organised by the Let’s Go Ludlow, lifestyle guide creators.

Wishing for a little magic and sparkle in this dark time, the #togetherweshine video was created to remind customers of the business community and the ability to shop at all prices.

It will also hopefully inspire and encourage them to shop where their heart is this Christmas – in the beautiful town of Ludlow.

Monika and Roger Curry, owners of Bodenham’s, are the latest in a long line to run the family business.

“We are the fifth generation of Bodenham caretakers, our store and the town has come through some tough times since it began trading in 1860,” said Ms Curry.

“During the pandemic, we witnessed the best of Ludlow. So many local people and businesses gave their time for the good of the town. This community spirit was the inspiration for the “Together we shine” video.

“We simply wanted to remind people how unique Ludlow is and how much we have to offer in the run up to Christmas. However small a budget, someone in Ludlow has something to offer.”

“It’s not just the history and beauty of Ludlow, it’s the ‘to do’ attitude of people who live in it and love it with all their heart, which makes this great English town a standout.”