TENBURY has lights this Christmas thanks to a massive response to a public appeal.

The people of Tenbury have responded to an appeal to help to keep the town looking festive this Christmas.

Within just a few hours of an appeal being launched more than £2,000 had been donated to the Christmas lights fund.

It now stands at £5,500 towards a target of £10,000.

On Tuesday morning there was a single donation if £1,000.

All of this followed an appeal made by Garry Thompson, of Mr Thoms and a member of the town’s Christmas lights committee.

Tenbury is recognised as punching above its weight when it comes to its festive lights.

But high quality lighting is expensive and this year the committee has not been able to hold the many fund raising events that it usually stages because of Covid-19.

Traders in the town are also reeling from the impact of both the virus and the flooding in February.

Mr Thompson made an appeal in his Facebook page and did not have to wait long for a response.

“It’s been a really difficult year for everyone in 2020 with damaging flooding in February and of course Covid-19 which has prevented our committee from fundraising as we normally would to help not only put up the lights but to help maintain, insure and improve them for future years,” he said.

“The costs each year run into several thousands and we normally have several fundraising events and receive kind donations from individuals, charitable groups and businesses all of which allow us to put them up for another year.

“This year, I have to say that there would not have been any lights but for the very kind and generous donation of help from Gareth Moore and the team from GRM Electrical in Tenbury Wells.

“They have committed to erect the lights as a kind donation to the committee as they have now being putting up the lights for several years.

“We all now need to help secure this for the people of Tenbury for the years to come by making donations of simply what you can afford to give.”

Normally the fundraising for the lights would start not long after Christmas and continue throughout the year.

“Normally each year we rely on just a few individuals to think of inventive ways to try and raise the money to put on the lights for another Christmas,” he added.

Within hours the town had responded with more than £2,300 raised towards the target of £10,000.

“In the last 24 hours, nearly 100 people within the town have started to show that there is strength within what has been an awful year for some in respect of both business and family tragedies,” said Mr Thompson, the day after launching the appeal. “Thank you for your donations to something that means a lot.”