THE Friends of Ludlow Hospital have money to spend but because of the current Covid-19 situation and uncertainty about the future of services all expenditure has been put on hold.

But Peter Corfield, chairman of the League of Friends, says that there are hopes for the future when restrictions are lifted and many ideas.

“We have, for years, offered to pilot and finance high quality IT and video links between Ludlow Hospital outpatients and appropriate specialists and consultants at the Trust, including Accident and Emergency,” said Mr Corfield.

“We have proposed equipment to provide automated blood analysis, and equipping the Minor Injuries Unit with portable ultrasound equipment, all designed to provide a more complete and comprehensive minor injuries and outpatient facility to save patients, many of them elderly or infirm and without private cars, the miserable journeys to Shrewsbury or Telford.

“Thank goodness someone listened when we proposed the Dialysis Unit, which has gone from strength to strength.”

Figures for the period ending at the end of March this year show that the Friends have more than £500,000 in the bank.

During the year the group received income of £24,120 with most of this coming from donations of £16,377, gifts in memory of £2,588 and subscriptions from members of £2,209.

There was also bank interest of £2,946.

On the other side of the accounts, the Friends spent, £12,683 on equipment for the hospital, £3,269 on patient comforts and £1,033 on stationary and printing.

It also spent £1,808 on insurance and auditing.

“A great ‘thank you’ to all our members who promptly renew their membership each year and for the incredible number who top up their subscriptions with donations large and small.,” added Mr Corfield.

“It makes the work of the Trustees a joy knowing that we have such support.”