TENBURY is cementing its growing reputation as somewhere to go for good food.

Despite the second lockdown and some Tenbury businesses still recovering from the impact of flooding a new business venture has opened up in Teme Street.

This is a part of the town that was badly affected by the flooding last February, leading to the closure of some shops and businesses.

Mike Slade, aged 31, has opened up a takeaway and delivery sandwich bar in the town which he says is a little bit different and will add to the choice for locals and visitors.

Mr Slade had worked as a taxi driver taking people to the airport but with the collapse of aviation his work dried up so he is trying something different.

His shop had been badly damaged by flooding and there has had to be a complete refit.

There is additional space that he can use for expansion in the future.

When he realised that it was available, he started to get the equipment that is needed.

“Food has always been an interest of mine so it was a real challenge to set-up this business,” he said.

He says although Tenbury has many fine cafe’s and bars offering excellent food in the morning and late at night, the town has very few options early in the morning.

“A niche I intend to exploit and further compliment the town’s eateries and services,” said Mr Slade.

Once his early morning hot drinks, bacon, sausage and breakfast bites pass he offers a further Tenbury lunchtime first with a hot pork joint sizzling in the window with the mandatory crackling and stuffing which will be complemented by a comprehensive cold salad bar in either rolls or boxed up lunch packages.

He says that almost every town and city has a hot pulled pork takeaway and Tenbury now has this option adding further to what the town has to offer as it grows its reputation as a place where people can get good food.

The bread, pork, and bacon is all local as well as award the winning sausages from Tenbury butcher The Wye Pie Company.

As well as takeaway soups, potatoes and hot and cold sandwiches Mr Slade hopes this will be a springboard for other culinary and delivery ideas he has for the future.

He says that despite only being open for just over a week, the response from people in the town has been ‘tremendous.’

He will be open from 7am in the morning and customers can either walk in or telephone a pre-order by calling 01584 812521.