A WOMAN had her car damaged in Ludlow putting the cap on what has been a bad year.

Beccy Wood came to the town a year ago full of hope but it has all turned out very differently.

The final straw came when Ms Wood, aged 45, left her car in the Upper Galdeford car park.

She left her Peugeot at about 9am and returned at about 1.30pm.

But to her dismay she came back to find the car badly damaged and looking a ‘right mess.’

“Both the doors on the driver’s side were dented. One of the windows will not work properly and I cannot get the back door open,” said Ms Wood.

“I cannot be sure if it was malicious or the result of some awful parking.”

She said that because of the value of the car it is not worth having the repairs done so she is having to drive around in it.

That would be bad enough but Ms Wood needs a car as she is looking for work.

Ms Wood came to Ludlow a year ago to open an upholstery business but this has failed because of the impact of Covid-19.

“I came to Ludlow so full of hope,” she said and plans to leave the town for a new start.

She has tried unsuccessfully to get CCTV coverage of the car park on the day.