ACTION is being taken to deal with flooding at an accident blackspot ahead of winter.

Unless something was done freezing temperatures would turn a road near an accident blackspot into an ice rink, it has been claimed

This was the fear of Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow South, who has campaigned for years to get something done to make the A49 in Woofferton, adjacent to the Salwey Arms safer.

Mrs Parry called upon the Council to take rapid action to tackle two flooding black spots in her ward before winter weather makes the situation much worse.

“I have been making representations to Shropshire Council for years and nothing has been done,” she said before the work started.

“In the recent summer down pours we have had water all over the road, if we leave matters as they are these roads could become lethal in freezing conditions.”

She is concerned about the flooding near the Salwey Arms that Mrs Parry says follows the building of a garage over a culvert that used to drain the area.

“There has always been a problem with drainage on the B4362 near the entrance to the Travel Lodge, 100metres from the accident blackspot junction with the A49,” Mrs Parry said.

“Now with the construction of a petrol station here, the problem got much worse.

“It appears that there is a gap in a critical drain leading to serious flooding”.

Cllr Parry and local residents have been complaining about this problem for the past six months.

But they feared that with winter approaching it had the potential to be much more serious with ice forming.

“It could have made the area that is already high risk a death trap,” Mrs Parry said.

She campaigned to get work done at the junction of the A49 with the turn off towards Tenbury.

This has been the site of a number of accidents over recent years including fatal collisions as well as many minor shunts.