Sent in by Ashley Stanness

hello my name is Ashley stanness and I'm trying to build a small animal park in craven arms to help with conservation and the local community the project is being funded by my savings I am qualified in animal management and care and have worked with exotic animals since and 2012 and was head of talks and full time keeper at wild zoological park I have been working on this project since I left my job in 2017 due to personal concerns after going a long time of going round several locations in Shropshire and Herefordshire I went to secret hills discovery centre and was told they were interested in the project and offered me land I have emails to back this up but the manager believes that there will not be enough visitors to make it pay despite secret hills had over 100000 visitors last year so I wanted to know if you could help me in finding out if local people would be interested and support us it will be a low cost park offering day out for family's to get out away from tv and game consoles and have fun learn about conservation and have fun the park will support local buisssnes and be as eco friendly as possible and charity's such as make a wish, autism west midlands and help for hero's and offer work placements for young members of the community learning skills of team work and making friends. and offering low cost school trips to help with learning during these uncertain times. if you cant get me on my phone please use my email thank you for your time to read this email.