LUDLOW Library is among those in Shropshire that has had to close again as a result of the second lockdown.

But people will still be able to get books.

Although library branches are closed due to the current lockdown restrictions, Shropshire Libraries are offering Ready Reads, a ‘click & collect’ style service with tailored book choices selected by library staff.

To use Ready Reads customers can complete an online form that includes questions about what sort of books are preferred.

Based on that information library staff will put together selections of books then contact the customer once they’re ready to collect.

The form is available on the library webpages .Alternatively the service can be accessed by telephoning one of the participating libraries.

“We offered Ready Reads earlier in the year as we reopened libraries after the first lockdown,” said Michael Lewis, Shropshire Council’s Library Service Manager, who added it had proved popular.