THE family of a student who took her own life say more should be done to help those at university through local lockdowns.

Lily Arkwright, 19, from near Ludlow, was a second-year history student at Cardiff University and had a bright future ahead of her, but struggled in silence during a local lockdown in the city.

Lily was a former student at Hereford Sixth Form College, and her family, who live in rural Herefordshire near Ludlow, paid tribute to her.

Jonty Arkwright, Lily’s brother, said the family had lost a “smart, funny, life-of-the-party kind of person”.

“But that was what we all saw, for Lily it must not have been,” Jonty, a student at Hereford’s sixth form, added.

“As her brother, Lily and I have shared 17 years together and she had never told me her mental stresses or strains, she kept them to herself tucked away and let this anxiety and pain grow within her.

“Nothing specific caused her to do what she did but it was a build up of everything. There is nobody to blame and nothing to blame.

He added everyone thought Lily had a full life ahead of her, and despite how bright and joyful someone might seem from the outside, they may be experiencing a thunderstorm of emotions in their head.

The family is now trying to raise awareness of the problems students, and young people generally, face during coronavirus restrictions.

A spokesperson for Cardiff University said it had introduced more counselling and wellbeing support. The university had contacted the family and continues to extend “deepest condolences to them at this extremely distressing time”.

They said: “The university’s mental health provision ranges from prevention and awareness, to support and referral to the NHS and other community partners.

“It is available to all our students and has been accessible remotely throughout the pandemic and local restrictions.”