PEOPLE are being urged to get a flu gab this year but for some in Ludlow this is likely to prove easier said than done.

One Ludlow surgery says that it is rapidly running out of vaccination appointments and supplies of the vaccine for a section of the population that was promised protection has still not arrived.

The Government said that people not in a vulnerable category but aged over 50 would be able to get a vaccine this year.

Portcullis Surgery says that it is fully booked for all its flu clinics for over 65 year old patients and is currently trying to get extra supplies from the government which hopefully will arrive in November.

Patients are being asked to call the dedicated flu line 01584 872682 between 10.30am and 12.30pm to add their name to the waiting list and that they will be called back when supplies become available.

For people who are aged under 65 years who are considered at risk there are still some appointments in November for a vaccination at the open air marquee.

The Government had said that people aged between 50 and 65 would be able to get a vaccine even if they had not been identified as at particular risk.

But people in this group are being told not to even try to make an appointment at this stage as the surgery is still waiting for information about supplies.

‘We are sincerely sorry for this problem but this is out if our control and we cannot offer you the free NHS flu jab until we receive extra supplies from the government,” the surgery is telling patients.

‘We would highly recommend that you avoid the queue on the telephone by registering with Patient Access immediately in order to ensure that you can book your flu appointment online.

‘You can now also apply for proxy access for Patient Access on behalf of loved ones and those you care for in order to book the flu jab appointment for them.’

Concerns have been growing as the number of Covid-19 cases in south Shropshire continues to rise.

The autumn flu vaccine does not protect against Covid-19 but it should prevent most people getting ‘normal’ flu that can be very serious and even a killer for some people.

Health experts who are expecting a winter like no other say that having the vaccine will help to protect the NHS.

The vaccination will hopefully also stop people potentially getting Covid-19 and the usual seasonal flu which could be a deadly combination.

If anyone has symptoms of Covid-19 they should not visit the GP surgery or go to get a normal flu vaccination but should self-isolate.