A TENBURY performing artist has reacted with anger at the suggestion that Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is telling people in the entertainment sector to get another job.

Mr Ludwig has been closely involved with the Regal in Tenbury including performing in its Christmas pantomime and last year ran a summer workshop for young people in circus skills at Tenbury High School.

He runs his own theatre arts business.

Mr Ludwig made his comments following reports of an interview given by Mr Sunak about the support being given by the Government to the entertainment and arts sector.

The impression given was that Mr Sunak was saying that people who had lost work needed to adapt and if necessary, find another job.

Mr Ludwig reacted with anger on social media and accused the chancellor of giving people like him a kick in the teeth and failing to appreciate the major contribution that the arts make to the economy.

“Devastated, upset and angry,’ he posted.

‘I, like so many others in our industry have poured thousands of hours and money into carving a career in the performing arts industry.

‘The arts support so many other industries!!

‘We bring so much more to the economy than people realise. This statement is a huge kick in the teeth. Oh yeah just retrain and find other jobs... doing what when you have devoted your life to your career?!

‘This is terrible.’

In the controversial television interview Mr Sunak was being asked about the arts but it is not entirely clear if his comments that caused so much anger were general or specifically about the sector.

With many theatres and venues forced to close and remaining shut the chancellor said more could be done to use technology such as online shows.

Arts and entertainment have also been particularly hard hit because many people who work in the sector are freelance or self employed and have slipped through the gaps in the support that has been provided.

The Government has found itself under increasing pressure with growing criticism of its handling of the health aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic and now disquiet is growing about the way the economic consequences are being managed.

There have even been suggestions that where trade and income is lost because of Government restrictions the state should be providing 100 per cent reimbursement.