A GP surgery in Tenbury has apologised after a traffic snarl up caused by a drive through flu clinic led to mourners being late for the commemoration of a man from St Michael’s.

The ashes of Stuart Plested were interned alongside those of his son at a ceremony at St Michael’s Church.

But his widow Rosamund was deeply distressed when the ceremony had to go ahead later and before some of the mourners could arrive.

They had been delayed by the traffic jams caused by people queuing for the drive through flu clinic.

Stephen Andrews, the practice manager at the GP clinic in the town, has written to Mrs Plested to say how sorry they are at her distress.

But Mr Andrews said that Mrs Plested had been made aware of the clinic although the level of interest was much higher than had been anticipated.

‘I am in receipt of your email in which you copied in the Ludlow Advertiser, Malvern District Council, Anthony Penn and Eric Hudson.

‘I have not replied directly to them, only to yourself. Should you wish me to send a copy of our reply then please let me know.

‘May I firstly express my condolences and deepest sympathies for the inconvenience caused on Saturday.

‘The event was widely advertised by a front page article in the Tenbury Advertiser on August 27 and you were also invited by letter to the drive through clinic on that day. I also understand that Sister Williams personally rang you and asked you if you would kindly display a poster which was also sent to you on September 22.

‘Whilst the traffic congestion was inconvenient we involved the Highways Agency, Police and Tenbury Town Council, well before the event which was planned with as much foresight and precision as possible.

‘The number of people that attended was exceptionally high due to the publicity surrounding the Covid Virus and we managed to vaccinate 1,700 patients on the day. These patients will hopefully now be protected from flu.

‘Whilst I unreservedly accept and sympathise that this caused disruption it is difficult to see how this could have been avoided. We looked at various locations including the Tenbury Show Ground but this I understand also causes congestion on the days it runs. The options available to us were very limited.

‘I once again offer my sincere condolences on the loss of your husband.’

There are plans for a further drive through clinic to be held later in November when supplies of a slightly different vaccine for people designated as being at special risk is available.

This has been provisionally earmarked for either Saturday, November 21 or Sunday, November 22.