Herefordshire's police force has taken to social media to defend its role in enforcing the Government's rule of six.

In a post on Facebook, West Mercia Police said officers were aware that some people were "moaning" and urging them to "get out there and do proper police work".

But they said action against people breaking coronavirus regulations 'is' proper police work.

"The law has been put in place to keep everyone safe and to save lives – and just like other laws it’s our job to enforce it.

"We don’t like to see people flouting the rule of six and not wearing masks when they should.


"Also, do you really want to waste £200 on a fine when you could just put a mask on?

"We’re sure you have much better things you could spend your money on."

"And, for your information, the other work hasn’t stopped – don’t worry, we are still out there making arrests and investigating crimes and keeping our roads safe.

"So please, practise safe six and put a mask on."

The rule of six was brought in by the Government last month. It made social gatherings of more than six people (outside a single household) illegal.

Shortly after it was introduced West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said people who 'consistently' flout the coronavirus rules would be fined.

He said: “West Mercia Police has taken the approach to engage, explain and encourage before using enforcement as a last resort.

“I believe that people will continue to do the right thing and adhere to the rule of six in line with the Government’s guidance, but there will always be the few that do not follow the rules.

“In cases where people consistently flout the rules that are designed to keep us all safe, I fully support West Mercia Police in taking enforcement action.”

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