A LUDLOW GP wants people to realise the importance of looking after their mental as well as physical health over the coming months.

“I am extremely concerned about the mental health of people at this time,” said Dr Caron Morton, a partner at the Station Drive Surgery in Ludlow.

Dr Morton said that the coronavirus is putting large numbers if people under great stress and they need to take this seriously.

The GP said that a range of services are available and that people who are feeling unwell should not hesitate to seek help.

She said tt is important for people to understand that it is okay not to be okay and not to allow the stigma can some people still associated with mental health to stop them seeking help when they are unwell.

“There is help available so people should not be afraid to use it,” said Dr Morton.

She added that after months of worrying about Covid-19 things could get more difficult in the winter.

The doctor said that people of both sexes, all ages and different backgrounds are vulnerable to mental health issues.

But in Ludlow because of the age of the population there are a significant number of people who live alone and having to deal with the added problem of loneliness and isolation with few visits from family or friends that can add to mental health problems.

Suicide is the largest killer of men under the age of 45 in the United Kingdom and conditions such as depression are potentially very serious and should not be ignored.

Dr Morton is also urging people not to ignore potentially serious symptoms that could indicate cancer or some other life threatening condition.