MASSIVE queues of traffic have been reported in Tenbury this morning (Saturday) as people wait to get a flu jab.

Vaccinations have been organised by the GP surgery in the town car park.

People who are eligible for the jab have been written to and it had been hoped that the process could be planned to avoid large traffic jams.

However, the town and its approach roads were reported as being at a standstill with long lines of cars containing people waiting to get a flu jab.

The decision to hold drive through clinics was taken because of the problems of a large scale inoculation in the surgery.

Doing it outside also enables social distancing and viruses are spread less easily outdoors.

It was anticipated that there would be a larger uptake in vaccinations this year because of awareness of Covid-19.

The immunization being given does not protect against Covid-19 but it should help stop people getting normal seasonal flu.

People who get normal flu and Covid-19 are at greater risk of being seriously ill or even dying.

If a large proportion of people are vaccinated against flu it reduces hospital admissions at a time when the NHS is likely to be under great pressure.

When enough people are vaccinated it also results in herd immunity that protects people who for medical reasons are not able to have the vaccine.