IT has been claimed that the latest attempt to clarify a controversial housing scheme in Ludlow has left the plan without any credibility.

Shropshire Homes, already facing massive opposition from residents, has been clarifying its application to build seven homes on Castle View Terrace.

At the back of the housing scheme the developer proposes an area of public open space. Shropshire Homes has explained that it plans to cut three metres off the top of the quarry face, leaving a slope of 45 degrees above an even steeper drop into the quarry.

People will need to negotiate a difficult slope to access the so-called public open space. The proposed profiling of the site will wreck biodiversity on the site, according to Andy Boddington.

“This scheme never had much credibility,” said Mr Boddington, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow North.

“It now has no shred of credibility left.

“At its steepest point, the quarry face rises around 12 metres over a distance of 10 metres. That’s steep and it has always been an issue for the Fishmore Quarry development. A retaining fence is planned to prevent residents and houses in the former quarry being hit by slippage from the mudstone quarry face.

Residents who are fighting the scheme have expressed an interest in purchasing the site from the housing association.

They say that the area of land is an important local open space.

“The slope from the quarry to the back of the garden of the proposed bungalow will be 45 degrees,” added Mr Boddington.

“Residents who want to use the so-called public open space will need to negotiate a steep slope. That defies any reasonable definition of accessible open space. 

“Obviously, there will be some form of barrier to stop the good citizens of Castle View Terrace tumbling down to Fishmore Road. But the proposed area can hardly be described as public open space.”