A BOOK about the history of Ludlow has just been reprinted.

The ‘Concise History of Ludlow’ has been put back on shelves by local publisher Merlin Unwin.

It is now available from local bookshops.

Ludlow is a historical town with more than 500 listed buildings.

It has a long and distinguished history and is the place where Prince Arthur, elder brother of Henry VIII lived as did Kathryn of Aragon who was the wife of both men although for convenience Henry had a dispensation to marry his late brother’s wife having it declared that Arthur and Kathryn did not consummate their marriage.

Ludlow has its place in the Civil War and has one of the finest parish churches in the country.

Many of Ludlow’s listed buildings are private homes and therefore not open to the public.

The town wall that is in need of major repair is also a listed monument.