THE time has come to sort out the cossie and gym shorts because the reopening of the Tenbury swimming pool and leisure centre is imminent provided that there are no new restrictions imposed by Government.

But help is needed because the biggest renovation and improvement in the pool’s 50 year history has cost more than expected.

A statement from the trustees of the community pool makes an appeal for additional funding to help to cover the cost overrun.

“As with all projects, costs have been incurred that were not envisaged at the outset.

“The Tenbury Community Pool Trustees are managing the cashflow, but more funds must be raised.

“Any small or large donations, funding ideas, help or useful give-aways are most welcome as Tenbury Community Pool continue to seek more funds.”

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic a significant part of the work was able to be done at a time when the pool would have to have been closed anyway because of Government restrictions.

But the virus has also created problems for the trustees because events that it had been hoped would help to raise funds have not been possible.

Volunteers have also been taking a major role in getting the pool and gym cleaned up and ready for the reopening.

“Like all building works, everything has been covered in dust and September was a busy cleaning month when we needed as many volunteers as possible to work with the Freedom Leisure team and the trustees,” said Jane Jenner, one of the trustees.

Tom Mansfield, manager of the centre, is working hard to ensure that the pool and gym can open under the “Covid Secure” operating procedures.

These include the necessary social distancing and hygiene measures to enable a safe, clean and comfortable environment to use.

Most of the work in now complete.

All the changing rooms are complete and await the installation of the new lockers.

The trustees have applied for a flood prevention grant to put measures in place to prevent the pump room flooding again which will include a full CCTV system and automatic submersible water pumps. The new studio has its sprung floor and is looking good.

Gym equipment has been cleaned and made ready to use again.

The automatic front door has been installed to enable the centre to be fully compliant with the Equality Act.

There is a new reception desk waiting for the first customers.

Tenbury Town Council has also approved changes to the car park.

The pool and leisure centre is run by the community trust on behalf of the people of Tenbury and is not a council facility although Malvern Hills District Council make a contribution.

Local funding is essential.