SIMPLE steps like cutting the grass less often can make a huge difference to wildlife.

Earlier this year Vivienne Parry, Shropshire councillor for Ludlow south and a member of the town council, called for less vigorous cutting of wild flowers like dandelions that are so important for bees.

Now Shropshire Council has pledged to be more caring of wildlife as part of its work to reduce climate change and help the environment.

A project started this year has been a success providing 1,000 miles for wild flower growth.

In south west Shropshire it was identified that there were areas of the highway verge, which if cut later than the traditional verge cutting regime, would promote the natural growth of wild flowers.

The aim of this project was to maximise the ‘late cut’, moving from May to late July to allow the vast majority of the wild flowers to flower and seed.

This was a joint project that was undertaken between Shropshire Council, the National Trust and volunteers.