THE ‘Fish Wife’ is coming to Tenbury.

Louise Hackney will be a familiar face to people in Ludlow as she used to run a fishmongers in the town.

But now she has moved on and will soon be opening up in Tenbury to give a much needed boost to the town.

The shop will be in Market Street and all being well will be open by the end of October.

Louise is steeped in a tradition of fish as her family runs a fish wholesale business based in the Black Country.

Her husband Andy says that the decision to open is a demonstration of the confidence that they have in the town despite the various setbacks like the floods.

Initially the plan is that the shop will be open on Fridays and Saturdays but this may be increased as it becomes established.

People will be able to order online and deliveries will be made to customers in the local area.

Fish is a popular dish and a wide range will be available.

There will also be platters that can be ordered and delivered for festivals, events and parties in the area.