IT is business as usual at Ludlow School.

The school has had a case of one pupil testing positive for Covid-19 that resulted in year seven being sent home to self-isolate.

But otherwise the school that has been praised by health chief and local councillors for how quickly it handled the situation is operating as normal.

Arrangements are being made to use email to send work home to the pupils that are in isolation.

“We want to reassure students and parents and carers that the risk of infection is very low,” said Rachel Robinson, head of public health in Shropshire.

“Ludlow School has taken all the necessary precautions to limit the spread of the virus.”

Tracy Huffer, Shropshire Councillor for Ludlow East and Andy Boddington, who represents Ludlow North, say that the case will not be the last but that the school handled it in an exemplary way.

They issued a joint statement praising the school.

“This was always going to happen,” they said.

“It will undoubtedly happen again. The way the report of a positive test has been dealt with at Ludlow School has been exemplary.

“As soon as the positive test was confirmed, year seven was sent home. That decision is difficult for the students. It is difficult for their parents. But it is the right thing to do as we fight the pandemic locally and across the world.

“This case, and hopefully it is isolated, is just one example of the ‘new normal.’ We must find ways of living with Covid-19 over the coming months. Ways of going to shop, work and go to school.

“We support the action of Ludlow School. The school made the right move promptly.”

Ludlow School has more than 560 students and provides education up to the age of 16.