IT is now more than six months since Covid-19 hit Ludlow and the town is starting to recover with most of the businesses now reopened and many having survived prolonged closure.

The hospital in the town has showed its value successfully treating local people who fell ill and the number of deaths from the virus has been lower so far than had been feared.

GPs at both the Station Drive and Portcullis surgeries had been very concerned about the impact on the town that has a high proportion of elderly and vulnerable patients.

Staff in local care homes have gone above and beyond the call of duty with some of them ‘living in’ in order to help to protect residents.

The town also went into action early with community support for people forced to shield including making deliveries of food and medicine as well as a befriending service.

But whilst some things went better than had been feared there were problems with care home and medical staff getting the personal protective equipment needed in the early stages.

Despite the various Government support packages many shops, pubs, hotels and restaurants along with visitor attractions have taken a big hit.