IT will be important to keep the pressure on the Environment Agency if Tenbury is not to lose its flood defence scheme by default.

Concern has been expressed by Tenbury Mayor Eric Hudson and Ken Pollock, who represents the town on Worcestershire County Council.

They were speaking at a meeting of Tenbury Town Council.

Both men had been part of a group that toured the line of the planned defences with officials from the Environment Agency.

Mr Pollock said that he was not sure if the Agency fully understood the need to press ahead with things that will have to include a public consultation.

The scheme has to be started by next April to guarantee the money.

Funding for the majority of the cost of the scheme has been offered by the Government that has pledged £5million. The additional money that is needed amounting to about £1million has been promised by Worcestershire County Council and Malvern Hills District Council.