DIANN Dowell who runs a business in Tenbury says that something needs to be done about a recurring bad smell in the town centre.

The member of Tenbury Town Council spoke of the problem that she said was coming from one of the drains.

Ken Pollock, who represents Tenbury on Worcestershire County Council, believes that the problem is caused by material that should not be there being put into the drains.

Coucncillor Pollock said that surface water drains should not smell and that he believes that the problem is as a result of something organic being put into them.

“If people want to dispose of this material they should use the foul drain not the surface water drain,” he said.

“It’s smelly because people are putting something down it.”

Another town councillor Steve Bowkett is concerned that the smell may be a health hazard.

“It can be so bad that some one thought that it was a gas leak,” he said.

Concern has been expressed that the smell is so unpleasant that it could put off visitors from coming back to Tenbury as the town seeks to recover from the damage caused by the February flood and the pandemic.