THERE is a new support package for businesses in Ludlow and south Shropshire that face being hit by the further introduction of new lockdown restrictions.

Confirmation of further support for businesses affected by lockdowns due to COVID19 has been welcomed by Philip Dunne MP.

Businesses in England required to close due to local lockdowns or targeted restrictions will now be able to receive grants worth up to £1,500 every three weeks.

To be eligible for the grant, a business must have been required to close due to local COVID19 restrictions. The largest businesses will receive £1,500 every three weeks they are required to close. Smaller businesses will receive £1,000.

Payments are triggered by a national decision to close businesses in a high incidence area. Each payment will be made for a three week lockdown period. Each new the week lockdown period triggers an additional payment.

“Fortunately Shropshire has thus far avoided the need for a regional lockdown due to COVID19,” said Mr Dunne.

“But this announcement will be welcome reassurance for local businesses concerned about the impact of a localised lockdown and how they will be able to stay afloat and sustain jobs.”

Ludlow and Tenbury along with other market towns have started to reopen since the easing of restrictions began at the end of June.

Markets are now operating with fewer stalls, pubs and restaurants are open again as are hairdressers but social distancing restrictions are in place.

Increased cases in some parts of the country have resulted in the reintroduction of restrictions including a ban of social gatherings of more than six.