A LUDLOW animal rescue charity that cares for hedgehogs is having to close for a time because of the pressures as a result of Covid-19.

Ailie Hall who leads Pricklebums says that the impact on the virus on funding and her workload means that she has to shut up shop whilst she recovers from health problems.

“We aren’t closing for good and will still be taking in a few cases – mostly special needs andintensive care cases from vets and other rescues, and will be containing to care for the animals that are currently here,” said Ms Hall.

“But I cannot cope with the high numbers of admissions we normally have. My volunteers will still be here doing the usual cleaning out, weighing and feeding the animals, but they cannot be expected to take on the responsibility of administering veterinary medications and the like, as only I am authorised to do so by the vet.

“The lockdown situation has been tough on everybody, but in my case the absence of volunteers and having to cope almost entirely on my own for the last few months has led to exhaustion.

“My health is suffering because of this, and I need time to get myself well again, so that I can continue. We have worked too hard and come so far - to even consider closing completely would be a shame.”

However, she said that there was administration work that she needs to catch up with.

“I also need time to catch up on things that have been neglected such as paperwork, accounts and admin stuff, so that we can continue to operate as a successful charity,” added Ms Hall.

But she has made a plea for people to continue to support the charity that depends upon volunteers and donations and that has been backed by Tim Gill, Mayor of Ludlow.

Hedgehog numbers are in serious decline partly because of loss of their habitat.